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This is nice, I was also ideating of somewhat related, may be dissimilar, audio-based social collaboration concept: here it goes,

Community eBook audio book listening -

-- we like reading together, so the same way, listening together
Only 3 minute read per session, per day. take as many sessions as you need from different chapters, various book.
Session can be started by avid book readers like you . Others can listen, participate and share in audio their interesting stories, analysis or experience - but only 180 seconds long.

It's like SoundCloud for books, or like audible weds whatsapp. helps cultivate reading habits of people

Day in the life:
1.While on a train to Brooklyn, Miss LonelyLady, announces an online session through her mobile app BWeets
2. She picks a timeslot and announces, alternatively, she instantly starts an online reading session with following details:
a.Book title: [auto-populate from millions of books, source amazon, googlebooks, etc with author, etc]
a bibliography or works cited with just an ISBN
b. Page number: [continue/restart from past sessions, if past session, mention session#]
c. Tag/Category: auto-suggest book category, author category or manually suggest
d. Amazon book link: direct buy link
[book title is a must, lest this platform be used for non-sense podcasts, nuisance and other gossips. at the most it can be extended to journals, publications, etc. ]

3. Participants join the book listening session -
lasts only 3 minute by default, can be extended based on participants and readers discretion
small byte-sized session, bweets [book tweets]
4. the nearest competitor app SoundCloud.com is a one-way street, with no live participants to listen to the stream
its all the more fun, when you have live audience.
same with webinars, webinars are not public - you can't join, plus there's no single place to view a list of all ongoing webinars
5. Once a session starts, the door closes - no new participants can hop in.
During the reading session, people can virtually clap or throw tomatoes, like/dislike, rate/review, provide feedback and more importantly their own stories/responses to it. the responses can be audio/video/both or just plain texts, images, links.
Listeners can even poke the reader/session holder to continue forward, or repeat [once-more] the session

book copyright issues?
Its shut already before launching?