Popup Outdoor Offices - Amsterdam, Summer 2016

Hi @marckohlbrugge, I know that feeling - as a designer I am naked without my big screen. Initially we won't be having external displays, but if the demand/want is there from users we might consider for the future. For the time being it will just be chilled out working with a laptop.
@popicesclub Okay thanks. Good to know. I might give it a try next time I'm in Amsterdam. (I'm based in Eindhoven)
@marckohlbrugge Cool, look forward to seeing you :)
@RPISH Cool! Hope to see at a Popice soon :D
@AWill2Go Hi Alexa. We would love to, and we hope to, but we are still in beta/early stages.
@jmaniko Hi Aniko, sorry about that. We have made a new website, so the past couple of days it has been down. All up and running again now though :)