Pleez - Your social wishlist

Good idea with a very nice design. I agree with Vazgen Badalyan's initial comment that it sound like LinkedIn. I guess you should emphasise the differences somewhat more.
@pleezapp Thank you for your comment! Design wise there are debates still ongoing as some people feel the blue and dark colours are too corporate, while others tell us that it looks great. Through the Beta we hope to better understand these things too. As for the differences with Linkedin we posted a tweet last night that goes as this...
"LinkedIn = you are your current job and what's in your CV
Fluttr = you are your passions, talents and attitude"
As I said to Vazgen our hope is to have people make of their passions and talents and interests a far more important part of their lives. To me this is in stark contrast to what Linkedin does and represent.
To summarise...we will definitely change our messaging. Any thought or suggestion is welcome. Thank you :)
@FluttrSocial Here are suggestions: Professional Networking Done Right or Professional Networking focussed on Connecting Passionate People or Connect Your Passion and Interests to Learning and Opportunity.
@DannonL I'll tell you... At this point I'd love to have all the money that Apple had when they hired their marketing agency and came up with "Think different" or Airbnb that came up with "Belong Anywhere".
Summarising something complex in just a few words is such a complex matter :) so many thanks for your inputs. I personally love the last one...don't claim any copyright please! We are bootstrapping ;)