Jared Volpe


product designer. not an optimizer. very curious. believer in brunch. ad astra. founder: @get_niko

Hey all, we're excited to be featured on BetaList! 🎉

Niko surfaces important questions, ideas, and concerns so decision-makers and stakeholders can engage constructively. Open and transparent dialogue prevent small problems from escalating into big ones. Unlike bulky HR software, Niko is the single-purpose, simple, and intuitive solution to make sure everyone feels heard.

Niko empowers teams to be heard and filters out the signal from the noise. Questions as mundane as getting power bricks in the conference rooms, to more complex concerns like diversity initiatives can all be facilitated through Niko. Niko makes it incredibly easy for employees at all levels to submit, vote on, and respond to questions, ideas and suggestions. Niko helps leaders listen so teams can do remarkable things together.

You can read more about it here: https://hackernoon.com/employee-engagement-is-broken-here-is-how-to-fix-it-abd22318b7c1#.nq9mciwve

If you want to make your company a great(er) place to work and want to know what is important to the people you work with, you should try Niko.

Questions? Get in touch @get_niko or [email protected]