Piyush M Agarwal


Architect @fosfordata. Founded and sold @canishub to @bettercommerce_, worked @paypal @oracle @ThalesDigiSec @mastekltd

Great idea.. I have gone through the pain of integrating faye.js into one of my products, not to mention the scalability issues in production environment.
Managed service like this is the need for every developer.. Great Job team PushRadar..!!
Cronjob monitoring, great idea..!! @jannis also checkout Faktory by Mike Perham. It's for background jobs..
That could be a logical phase 2 for this product of yours.. :)
Hi, do u'll have an API to creates these pipelines?
@piyushmagarwal Hi Piyush, Gravity Data gives you access to 75+ built, fully-managed data connectors (like Facebook, Google Analytics etc) so you can easily set up your data pipeline to move data from source to target. We support API and database connectors, and we're adding 10+ new sources with every release. You can email me at [email protected] happy to have a more detailed chat!