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Just tried it. Lovely - Mindmaps are wonderful things. On my Mac I use Mindmaple, but having access to one via a browser is great. Thanks Nick
This is great. We are just developing a Mac app at the moment, so will pass this onto the guys who are managing that!
@phpweeklynews Awesome, thanks. If you have any questions before I launch the site, feel free to reach out. 👍
Great! Looking forward to trying it. Can I ask though - how are you going to guarantee email deliverability or at least so emails don't appear to be spam?
@phpweeklynews Hey! Everything is delivered through SES. I let them handle deliverability. Emails are authenticated with SPF and DKIM. If you're talking about having a dedicated IP address, this is a feature SES supports that I can add down the line, but I don't think most companies need it.