Jamie Terry


Founder obsessed with UI. I make @TheStudyRocket.

Love it! About time, a simple productivity tool.

I have tried more or less ALL of them, Wunderlist, OmniFocus, Todoist, you name it. All of them fall into the same huge failure: they're too complicated.

Every time, as much as I'd love to have a pretty to do list, I just end up going back to good old pen and paper.

From what I can see Whubi looks on track to fill that gap with an easy service to use, set up and integrate into daily life. Great going! Keep me updated :-)
@phatjme Hey Jamie! I'm happy to hear that!

You've mentioned some of our main focuses here: simplicity, ease of use, and clean look. The old-good-pen-and-paper way has all three points, this is why it's so tempting to go back to it. At least that was the case before Whubi :)
Love it! Would be good to see it linked to the 'Personal Compass' idea for multifaceted personal growth and attainment. Nicholas Bate outlines this idea the best from what I've seen, may be worth checking his book 'You, Only Better' out!

I'm signing up to the mailing list :-).
@phatjme Thanks for the kind words and great suggestion. We indeed have some nice future features on our roadmap. But for now, we focus on realizing version 1.0! 😜
James, this is awesome! I just signed up to hear about your Bali trip. I'm a young 'fitness-fanatic' entrepreneur travelling the world. I was planning to visit Indonesia after New Zealand in May-June time: so couldn't be more perfect!

Great idea. Fitness is far too often regarded as a chore than as a source physical and mental energy.

Can't wait to hear more!
@phatjme Awesome Jamie, glad you get it! Yes totally, fitness - of mind and body - is definitely something a lot of programs miss, so hopefully we start a trend by doing this! Hopefully see you in Bali ✈️😎
Wow. Awesome idea, so intuitive but so original!
@phatjme Thanks! We're almost done with the first part of the back end and will be showing our pledgers as soon as our meta campaign ends.