Pete Hawkins


Christian, Co-founder at Payhere + Alt Labs, loves building apps, food and electronic music.

@CodyFitzpatrick Thanks for getting in touch! As we’re just getting started, the product feature-set is somewhat similar to Pocket, save for later, view when ready. We’re also handling feeds so we can auto-pull future articles from sites using RSS.

Our vision looks at this problem a little differently than we've seen others approach it before. We want to help lighten the mental burden of content consumption, to help you catch the important content, but not overwhelm you with the full firehose of the internet. Void is a safe place to put stuff and you should feel confident that when add things you can find them again easily should you need to.

And when you sign up, we’re not going to email you every day for the next 5 days giving you tips on how you can get the most from our product, because we respect you and your time and we know you have a million other things to be doing.
@peteyhawkins Thanks for the elaborate response. I can personally vouch for the overwhelming nature of the internet's firehose, when you want to read everything and anything that seems to some extent useful for your current position in your life and career. Curating only the most valuable content would definitely alleviate this problem. Also, respect for the lack of filler emails! I look forward to trying out Void.