Pen Pals


PEN PALS® is a new type of social network connecting you with great people around the world. The app is 100% FREE on the App Store and Google Play.

@Stinger_Tough Not at the moment. Pen Pals is already available via iOS and Android.
@ianmayman We released a paid MVP version of Pen Pals in 2009 (In fact, we were hand-picked and featured around the world on the App Store!), but this is a completely new version of the Pen Pals platform built from the ground-up, with a ton of new features, including Community Management to help keep our platform safe and friendly.
@ianmayman There are a few requirements, including minimum character length before being able to send a new letter. Also, all new letters are filtered through proprietary tools (including A.I.) to prevent abusive/offensive content before it ever hits our platform.