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Interesting concept and really nice landing website!

Out of curiosity - shouldn't you be having a privacy policy on the website?

All the best!
@pawel_io Good point! We will have one drafted shortly. Thanks for pointing it out!
@FREE1776 the pepperoni pizza is still in the over. Same for the Android version!
Hey all, I'm Pawel. I made this app.

I'm sending out the beta invites for the iOS this weekend so make sure you get in by signing up on the website.

Once got it and you have any feedback / comments come say hi to the #beta channel or directly to me (I'm @pawel on Hoodchat :)

Congrats on the beta release!

You claim "latest findings in cognitive neuroscience, education, and learning theory" but without any visible backing or references behind it. What those latest findings would actually be?
Hey Pawel. Good Question! So while it is not really feasible to go into much detail on a landing page like this I have started creating a blog series on medium that will hopefully begin to address some of your questions. I've submitted to one of the biggest publications but in the meantime here's a sneak peak of the first installment:
Hey everyone!

I'm Pawel, that person from the demo video who made :)

If you'd like to try out feel free to hit on the "Try me" button on the homepage, it will direct you to a DEMO room!

Also, skip the waitlist and sign up for a beta account through this link: