Paul Balogh


CEO / Co-founder of Hypersay (@hyper_say), your favourite software for live interactive presentations.

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great time using Hypersay, we are here for questions.
@write2gether thanks! If you plan to use it for a live session let us know. Happy to explain some of the less obvious features.
Hi Leonardo, this sounds like a great product. We got ourselves, as a startup, a bit lost in the huge variety of digital marketing tools. Integrating most of them sounds like a great challenge. One question though: do you also offer in-app chat? (as a means to do customer service as well as to push info to users) - Intercom style?
this is a very cool idea!
@NYCMRG happy to hear that! You can use Hypersay yourself for your own presentations or you can recommend others this tool. Avoid "death by powerpoint" at all costs! (which is 0 in our case).
What a great idea! Also what a great way to make sure you have valuable, curated emails in your own databases! :))
@paulbalogh Thanks Paul! Email verification is an important element of our tech, as you can imagine. Please let us know if you have any questions!