Paul Matthijs


Sure, you can use it for photos too. As long as you want to create complete, verified backups of source material Hedge can do it.

We want to improve the entire process of shooting, editing and producing video though, so in the future features will be tailored more towards a video oriented target audience.

We're open to suggestions though, happy to talk to photographers!
@paul_matthijs Ah right, makes sense. Probably best to focus on one type of user.
@marckohlbrugge We didn't put that in because it's generally pretty moot when working with video. We didn't anticipate all the photographers signing up through BetaList though, and I do see the value there. Is your friend a photographer too?
@paul_matthijs Yep. I definitely think it's a market worth exploring.
@paul_matthijs By the way I think the reason photographers are signing up is because the copy doesn't explicitly mention video footage so photographers might assume it's for them. Not sure whether that's on purpose, but seems to be working out nicely :)
Sounds great for transcoding video footage too. The bottleneck would be getting the data to you, and back. Do you use a CDN or something to tackle that?
looks awesome to create a flexible CRM with!