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Hi Marc, you are actually right, most people will expect to talk to someone. But the fact is that most of the time the live support team is very limited so it takes to much time to get your answer. Some of those repetitive questions might be answered right away.

Some ideas are in the pipeline to manage expectations for unanswered questions: like leaving a message or using push notification when live support answer those unexpected questions.

During the week, 844 questions where asked by users coming from Betalist and Producthunt on the demo chat. 63% of those questions where answered but we still need to look at the percentage of questions answered correctly. This valuable information will serve as a guide for future improvement.

Thank you for your comment.
@patry_francois 63% is not too bad! If you can find a good way to manage expectations for those other 37% and provide a reasonably quick answer I can see it work out well 👌