Made https://t.co/3GjUmNm3Fj + https://t.co/FixM0o6wHN (work in progress)

@marckohlbrugge Thanks! 100% with you on the limitations of audio only. A vibration mode would definitely be useful! Other than that, here are some of the things that I'm looking at for the next version:

- Location integrating with other apps (so you can click a place on 4sq and navigate straight away)
- Quick look mode (pointing your phone in a direction w/o unlocking and get feedback if it is the right one)
- Android version
- Bookmark (possibly with voice integration to drop pins as you pass places)
- Using route data to get even more accurate directions

Would love to hear if there's any interesting for any of the above, or if someone has other ideas for things they'd like to see in the next version!

- Location integration would be nice 👌
- I don't like holding my phone while walking, but I like the way you're thinking
- Android versions would pretty much half your development speed, no? Seems like a distraction right now to be honest. So much growth left in iOS market.
- Bookmarking would be nice if it integrates with my Google Maps bookmarks. (I don't want another app to check for bookmarks)
- More accuracy is always 👍

But yeah, removing the audio-only limitation is the biggest opportunity for improvement for me.