Founder and Developer of The OfficeGrace

Feels like Christmas morning! Can I be a beta tester for Botmatic? 👍👍 for the name🤛
Thanks a lot @officegracenet! We'll be more than happy to have you! If not already done, you can signup here: Feel free to ask us anything!
I would love to beta test Flash-Vue. One of my kiddos is homeschooled. Now I’m a pwa developer, but used to be special ed teacher.....I’ve got a lot of teacher friends who would Love this
@officegracenet Thanks so much. We would love your help! We will send you a message soon, thanks!!
My first thoughts: i WILL actually USE this! & it WILL work!
also, loved the simplicity and overall design. Awesome user experience:)
Super easy to hang out with heek. And he was super intuitive. Two thumbs up to heek and the rest of the team👍👍☺️