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@Clawiste it doesn't look like there's a separate path for beta use of iOff; the "visit site" link goes to a landing page for "buy now" or a 7-day free trial.
@nickiothegreat Hello, the beta of iOff has ended. Your best bet is to download the trial, and get to know the app. And if you will like iOff, you can buy it with 50% launch discount (1.99$) which lasts untill Aug 29
Though not a novel concept (since there are grassroots efforts to do this, and have been, on boards like Flyertalk, etc., for years), this has the potential to really disrupt the monopoly on loyalty programs that airlines have enjoyed for too long. Note, though, that you should be careful with the wording of "app that lets users buy airline reward miles from other users to book flights" because the buying/selling of miles is explicitly forbidden (and grounds for forfeiture of one's miles) in most if not all airlines' loyalty programs. Instead, you might consider marketing the concept (and perhaps this is exactly what it is) as a p2p platform for leveraging users' airline miles to spark better price competition for air travel. I am very much looking forward to following this project and watching it succeed! Please do let me know if I can be of help in any way as you grow.
@nickiothegreat Thanks for the feedback. Since its the beta cycle we are collecting actual user feedback to better the product & experience for the users. Looking forward to having you as a user.