Son Nguyen Kim


@simple_login founder. Serial cat lover. Create *simple* service to protect our online privacy.

@shadowz1337 Hi Leo, very good question! In terms of email forwarding, SimpleLogin works in a similar way to other solutions, we have some differences though:

- Open-source and easy to self-host. The self-hosting is based on Docker and could be run on any Linux server. The hosting instruction is on our repo at

- Genererous free plan: there's no cap on bandwidth or number of replies/sends. Free plan is enough for protecting your personal email. Premium plan targets at more "advanced" users with features like "custom domain" or unlimited alias.

- Email activity: shows all emails received/sent to/from an alias

- Open roadmap with exicing features coming soon: extension for Safari, mobile app, Sign in with SimpleLogin, etc.

- Export your data: this small feature is actually missing in a lot of solution we tested. It facilitates the provider change if someday you decide to replace SimpleLogin.