Nelson Cabrera


Co-founder & CEO of Cashflow, an All-in-one Accounting Software in the Cloud for Small Businesses.

@jsiandre Thanks for the comment Jose, we're just jumping into the US Market; these plans and prices are what we're currently changing in our local market. We'll evaluate pricing and make adjustments as we collect more information on the US market.

I've rechecked Xero's pricing page on their website, their Starter Plan costs $20 per month, and it limits to 20 invoices/quotes per month and only 5 bills; anything else is sold as an add-on or an upgrade.

Our $20 per month plan includes unlimited invoicing, unlimited bills/expenses, bank accounts, a POS module for stores, inventory tracking (with FIFO, LIFO, or AVCO), and a warehouse. We're also including email and live chat support with all plans.

We're looking to make Cashflow a market fit in the US. So I appreciate your comments and welcome any other comments you may have.