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@mikitashpak Hey Nikita, thank you for the comment!

Did you find it useful for something in particular? We are trying to learn about every use case to know what to improve.

As for now, we've not planned building for iOS. But it should work well on mobile. Let me know if there are any issues!
Overall, really nice app. I'd only make fonts a little bigger.
And didn't understand button text in Billing that says 'To increase level'.
@neilxjett Thank you!
The name of the button will fix
Hey, great extension!

Is there a way to download all images from entire website, not just from current page?
@neilxjett hi - thanks for your feedback. it currently only downloads images for the page that you're on, but if this is a useful feature to have, then i'll be happy to add it. give me a week or so. thanks!
No, wait, don't build it! Probably this isn't a useful feature.
I guess it'd help to ask if more people want it.
That's a great idea!
Is it for Mac only?
@neilxjett Hey Neil, appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Right now it is for Mac only.

@huntermoonshot is there a team working on the windows version? Can I help? Lmk if it's something we can discuss over
Josh, this looks very interesting.
Any plans for message templates?
@neilxjett We don't want to give people scripts because we are worried those scripts will get used verbatim. The whole idea of the platform is to encourage thoughtful networking and genuine interactions. We do give people some default reasons to get in touch when they start out (more on that here As soon as possible, we encourage people to change the defaults to better reflect how they are comfortable reaching out to people. Ultimately each relationship will have its own unique, contextually relevant next step. Thats basically what the platform keeps track of for you.
Wow, this is really good!
Have you considered making a video featuring a real case?
@neilxjett Hi Neil! That's currently in the works. You can expect more product details in the coming weeks.