Nauman Tariq


Founded, passionate about ruby on rails, water painting, photography and designing.

Thats wonderful, will give it a try, hopefully that project can be sustained and improved
@naumanthanvi I guarantee that this will continue to exist and continue to improve. I even made a separate page on the landing page about it! (
@YahngSungho Great job, will it be available online ?
@Vullkan What do you mean by 'online'?
@YahngSungho Sorry I meant will it be available on a web based application. I am using it right now, it gives you the inspiration so you don't hesitate to learn something new. Some features that I would love to see is: Adding pictures, Links and tables.
You can access the web based app directly from I just thought it was a good idea to use the Desktop app to avoid distractions.

For a feature, you already can upload images or upload drawings on the fly! It may be good for you to refer to the Product Tour about Media Insertion.
Lack of easy table insertion. However, if you want, you can put the table by using markdown.
Links were originally available as markdown, but that's what I deliberately left out. I thought it was unnecessary, but I heard that suggestion, so I'll think again.