Pavel Myakov


CEO & Co-founder

Guys, but why Fount is better then LinkedIn?

Great question! I don't think we can claim we are better than LinkedIn, especially when we are in Beta. LinkedIn is great!

We believe we are very different than LinkedIn though. LinkedIn dives into deep detail of your life's resume, including everything you've ever done. It makes it easy for recruiters and companies to see what experience you have.

Fount is aimed for entrepreneurs! While we value what you've done, we want to see what you're going to create and accomplish. Especially when any entrepreneurial resource is just a click away!

We've also noticed there are many skill sets people identify themselves with, that are not reflected on their Linkedin. We aim to give users the opportunity to shine in these areas, especially one's they are passionate about.

I'd love for you to test Fount out and let us know what you think!