Jaleh Rezaei


Never a dull moment. CEO / Co-Founder @MutinyCorp, Ex Head of Marketing @GustoHQ

Hey Everyone 👋

I'm Jaleh Rezaei, Co-Founder & CEO of Mutiny.

Mutiny helps companies personalize their website for each visitor to close more sales.

🙄Problem -> Nikhil and I were early Gusto employees and helped grow the company from 500 to 50,000 customers such as startups, restaurants and accounting firms. I led marketing and quickly learned that the same message did not work for all the businesses we served, resulting in low conversion rates. This problem got worse as we started to spend more on advertising/content and attracting customers who had never heard of us before.

Personalizing the buyer experience helped increase conversion rates, but doing it well required a lot of expertise and engineering work. And after speaking with other marketers and growth teams we realized that virtually every B2B company serves multiple audiences with different needs, but doesn't have sufficient engineering support to personalize their experience.

💥Solution -> Mutiny is a complete personalization platform that gives marketing and growth leaders everything they need to personalize their buying experience without dependencies on technical teams.

What’s unique about Mutiny is that it’s smart. It makes it easy to deploy personalization and helps you do it well by telling you which segments to personalize for and how. Our customers love Mutiny because it’s more than software -- it’s a partner that helps them get better results faster.

🙌 Customers -> Mutiny is being used by Brex, Segment, Elastic, Amplitude, Carta & others who are seeing 40-200% more leads with Mutiny. Our detailed case studies including screenshots of personalized web pages are available here: https://www.mutinyhq.com/cases/

We are super excited to be featured on Betalist today and will be around all day to hear about your experiences, any ideas and feedback you might have. 🙏