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We just released some enhancements to Presbot -

- Social features including liking and connecting with other Presbots.
- The ability to view connections of other Presbots and connect with them
- UI enhancements to our showcase and Presbot profile pages
- Minor responsive layout fixes

I would really appreciate if you could give a go and share your feedback.

Happy Holidays!!
We've just released new #privacy features on You can choose which training questions will be available publicly vs not, if unchecked the questions will not show in the QuickChat feature on your public profiles. #presbotapp #chatbots #MachineLearning 👏
Based on end user #feedback, we've added a sleek new search bar to find and connect with the Presbot community - Check it out and let us know. #startups #chatbots #AI 👏
Personal Dashboard + Wikipedia Integration

Released the following exciting enhancements this week:

Users are redirected to a personal dashboard on login. I decided to repurpose the messages view to not alter the navigation. I added popularity metrics and recommended connections on top of messages.

If the bot doesn't understand a question or has not been trained on it. It now searches wikipedia and returns a list of links to top articles that match the search.

See it all in action, create your own free Presbot and connect with me here:

I'd love to hear some feedback and am happy to any answer questions.
Chat Transcripts, Activity Dashboard and more...

I just released some really cool features on based on feedback that I've received from early adopters. These include:

Chat Transcripts: You can now view transcripts for all the questions asked to your bot. These are broken down into handled vs unhandled (i.e. provided with a default response or wiki search results)

Chart for Daily Views and Questions: As soon as you login you'll be greeted with a new chart that shows your daily views count and # questions asked.

I'd love to hear your feedback and am here to answer questions. Please shoot them over to [email protected] or just ask my bot ( ) :-)