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@mbbillz saying you can build AirBnb is the best way of building the association and be specific with examples.
First AirBnb or similars are not simply successful because they are technically complex or have big number of engineers are working on them. Second AirBnb and all similars started very simple and grew over time. This is AirBnb in 2012 while being 3-4 years old startup now you tell me if it's jquery or whatever and if it makes a difference at all!

If no-code tool can enable to get started and run first few years it's already huge win and we will also see scaling use cases on top.
@mkrtchyanartur I personally think the average, non-techy person would take it literally, but anyway at least you're the first person to describe it as what it is - a temporary solution for testing/prototyping fledgling ideas. Again, I have no issue with that, but IMO that's not what it's being marketed as.

Perhaps my stance is 'unpopular opinion', I've said my bit - it'd be fruitless to try and persuade people ad infinitum, if they're unconvinced then that's fair enough.