Mike Harmer


Designer/developer helping startups and creative businesses win more clients.

👊 Stoked to have Propeller featured here today – I'd love to chat about your thoughts and feedback. Jump in the comments here, or drop me a line via the site!
@darryldexter thanks Darrryl! Awesome chatting to you and thanks again for checking us out :)
Hey – Mike here, creator of MakersFeed. We're stoked to be putting this out into the world today!

We're close to being ready to start trialling the service with our first users, who we're hoping will help shape the product as we move forward. So if you want in, head to the site and sign up!

Any questions, comments or feedback – I'd love to hear :)
@iandrewstarr thanks Andrew! Slack is definitely on our roadmap, would love to hear what kind of integration you'd be looking for. Drop me an email on [email protected] ?
@mikeharmer sure thing, I have some specifics in mind. I'll DM you the list 👌
Hey folks! I started Monthly to make great design more accessible for small businesses, and provide on-going value and support with monthly design updates. I'd love to hear any feedback or questions you may have!