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@thephilbenham I clicked on "Visit site" and landed on an empty Wordpress blog. What's wrong?
@mbohlende I didn't submit it and things have changed quite a bit since our PH debut. Please forgive me as I did not submit this listing, so I can't edit it. Here's the correct link, Matthias:
What is the difference to existing services like ?

Hi Matthias
Here all the checks that AlgoCheck makes :
- Syntax, Typo, Free & Disposable Detection, Quality Score, Real-time SMTP, MX-Records Check

Some checks are also made by, but not all (notably calculating a score for each email. This score (between 0 and 1) allows for a profile by email (the score is different if it's for a campaign marketing or transactional email)

2) Pricing
Our Technology & Experience allow us to offer attractive prices
Pack of 1000 emails = $5 ( = $15)
Pack of 5000 emails = $15 ( = $49)
Pack of 10000 emails = $25 ( = $79)

We have a free trial plan, if you are curious, go there ;)
If this works, it will be totally amazing. Can't wait to see it in action.