pitt ā€˜22

Hey! Iā€™m the maker of Drive2Site - it allows you to create blogs just using Google Drive. If you would like access to our private beta, sign up for our mailing list on the site. If you have any questions, let me know!
@CoryHolliman Hey - great question, I probably did not explain this well enough. Drv.tw simply handles the web hosting, meaning that a developer has to upload public static HTML files that are then hosted using drv.tw. Our platform uses zero code and is geared towards people that are not very tech-savvy. All users have to do is create a folder on Google Drive and then, they can write their posts as ordinary Google Docs with no HTML/CSS formatting at all. We take care of all of the formatting, updating, and hosting of their site while all a user has to worry about is writing great content.

Hope that answered your question!
@matt_maribojoc got ya! Totally looking forward to this as I build dozens of HTML site using drive every day. Curious to see what the web page looks like for sure. Keep me informed as I have registered with you already.