Mathis André


18 yo Entrepreneur • CEO & Co-Founder @faqbot • Chatbot for customer engagement automation.


My name is Mathis. Together with Denny we are the co-founders of Faqbot.
Faqbot is a SaaS that turn your FAQ content into a chatbot in minutes.

6 months ago we launched our first version and the result was tremendous.
We have worked hard, selling and developing version 2.0 of our software.

We launch version 2.0 today with a new feature to build custom conversation flow.
That allow your chatbot to guide your users to a predefined outcome.

Companies use this to build chatbot for FAQ, sales or lead generation automation purposes.

We would love for you to test it out & hear your feedback! Feel free to comments here, or email me [email protected], if you have any questions or comments.

Sign up to our 7-day free trial and let us know what you think, enjoy!!
@mathisandre_ Congrats to you and Denny for creating this interesting Chatbot, I will check it out :)