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Hey! I'm one of the makers of Burst. Please reply with any questions/feedback or tweet us :) would love to hear from you
@marckohlbrugge thanks! Yeah I agree we need to keep people who are rude and abusive away from the app. I'd say there are a few things we do to ensure that:

1) since the app uses a 1 on 1 chat trolls are discouraged from it, they tend to prefer ruining many people's day rather than just one person so it's not really worth their time 👋

2) any debate topic posted to the public feed has to be manually approved by us before it's visible, that way we can keep the public feed clean 😁

3) people can terminate chats at any time. Once a chat is terminated the other person can't message you in that chat ever again until you allow them to 💪

4) we only use a person's first name and not their full name in the app. That way they can't be tracked or found outside the app by abusers 🧐

So in short: trolls are discouraged by the 1 on 1 chat, but even if they do use it the chat can be terminated and they won't be able to find you outside the app or contact you inside it. And if someone has lots of chats terminated against them we'll have a word with them ;)

We want to do more to guide and steer the conversation to be more constructive but for now we're doing the above to try and prevent abuse.
@Marawan_1997 Sounds like you've thought this through! Good luck with the project!
It'd be great to see what tasks are available without having to sign up