Maksym Makarenko


@marckohlbrugge thanks for your comment. Users send their emails directly from familiar Gmail (no additional buttons, no extra interfaces). And what is more, our tool tracks not only opens and clicks but also gives the detailed analytics of interaction with documents you send. It shows the depth of view, and how much time the recipient spends for each page, it may be proposals, presentations or whatever you want.
Thanks, @makarenkom
@marckohlbrugge, more over you always have the most involved prospects on the top of your prioritized list
@brandonwhite_ca The analytics about all activities people did, you get separately for each recipient. You will see who exactly opened the email, downloaded the attachment and how accurately viewed the document
@josh_khoury As our value is simplicity, we are going to integrate Docsify with a lot of tools including CRMs. In nearest future, we will provide users with one-click integration with the most popular CRM. So you will be able to get all info about prospects' activities within the client card. As a result, you'll see the prioritized list of prospects directly in your CRM.
We would like to hear from the betalist community what one-click integration should be done the first.