Megan Brain


It won't allow me to login
@magicnewme Thanks for your reply. Please, try again, everything will work!
Hi do you have a special offer for beta list users by chance?
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Will you be developing integrations with other apps like buffer has?
@magicnewme 👋🏼 Hi Megan, thanks for your question. Which integrations specifically would you like to see? 🚀
Is there any special offers for BetaList subscribers?
I hope 3 people accept my invitation so I get earlier early access.
I'd love to try this once some of the kinks have been sorted out
I want to come back to this. If you are employing in Australia I'd be interested in applying.
@magicnewme Hi Megan could you send me your CV, my email is hasantahn
Do you have an estimate of pricing after the beta phase? Will beta testers be offered a special deal?
@magicnewme Great questions! Would love some answers too. So far it looks very promising.
@NadineNBone Glad you're enjoying the Cocolyze experience :) You'll be notified as soon as we have finalized the pricing!
@magicnewme We haven't officially finalized the pricing yet but as soon as we do we will notify current users. And yes we will offer a special deal for beta testers :)
I hope you launch a lifetime deal (Ltd) for this SaaS. I'd love to sign up
Great service please consider doing a lifetime deal for us through Appsumo or somewhere similar. Or special pricing for betalist users.
Looks great. I might give it a try.
@magicnewme Thank you. I am glad you like it. Sure, please go ahead with the purchase and let me know if you will have any queries...i suggest you to download PSD and Sketch combo as that is for very discounted price and huge assets and resources for both the applications for future use...
Hi os there a promo code for betalist users by any chance?
@magicnewme Hi Megan, send us a message once you register from our live chat widget and we'll give you some bonus credits