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Awesome Idea! I'm a nomad I've been traveling for a year now, this is exactly what I need.
When do you think the app will be available guys ?
@loukmannacik we've already got a beta available for iPhone and Android - sign up at nomadmessenger.com to get your hands on it... and our official launch will definitely be within a month :)
@louisejcroft Finally I'm going to get rid of the dozen of fb groups I have
I think there is huge market for your product guys, When do you think you will be up and running ?
@loukmannacik Thanks man! :) I hope to have the beta ready in about a month - just request early access on the site and you'll be invited to check it out as soon as it's live!
Thanks a lot @JustinNothling The app is going to operate in a different way, every week one Dj will share with us his playlist, which contains a selection of songs they listen to and not what they play in their gigs and shows.
Thank you @samanthawoolven We will keep you posted once it's live :)
@derkinzi Thank you Sebastian, really appreciated. It will be available on iOS and Android, by the end of March.
@haimpekel Thx mate ! yeah Viral Loop is awesome.
The Google is just rolling out a beta version with 16 month of data. Will you use this with Keylogs somehow?
@loukmannacik Absolutely and I can't wait to be honest! There will also be a new version of the Google Search Console API which enables Keylogs to access the full timeframe as well, thus making it even more useful. ;)