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Looking for freedom!


Post the pandemic we noticed how social interactions & bonding outside of work were getting reduced to boring & awkward zoom calls. These forced social interactions were definitely not the replacement, We knew there had to be a better way, After all we don't see people chilling out at meeting rooms do we? 

So we went back to first principles and started to looking for parallels: Networking dinners, Team outings, Office spaces with fancy cafeterias all of these settings where people let loose and made connections had one thing in common: They had something cool to bond over.

When it came to meeting people online and really bonding the one thing that a lot of people enjoyed doing were playing games ( Pub-g, Among us,Psych, Werewolf, Ludo etc.,) We are regular pub-g players ourselves and we've made some really good friends over this game, some of whom we've never met IRL. We knew we were onto something, So we built out Lounge, a place where you can catch up and bond over games.