Leonardo Fed


Hi all,
We'll give PlainFlow to SaaS startups (< than 2years from incorporation) for free. You'll be to upload unlimited contacts, send unlimited events, unlimited emails + push notifications and any other available platform integration.

Just leave your email and I will personally notify you.

For any product-related question, we're to answer. :)

Hi Darko,

Thanks for you feedback!

> I assume we need to send events, like on Mixpanel or Intercom etc for the workflows to work?

Exactly. It'll be as simple as Google Analytics.

> I already planned on using Mixpanel for behavioral email notifications, can you compare?

Mixpanel is terrific tool for analytics but its core is not sending customers communications. They don't integrate with different channels (emails + push notifications + web notifications + facebook messenger etc..) and they don't support multiple actions (e.g. notify my sales team in Slack when a contact send a request for a new Demo).

Plus the email suite we're building will let you boostrap everything from transactional emails (e.g. Password reset etc) to pre-made workflows template (e.g. a 14days trial onboarding process)

The idea is to help SaaS startups to quickly bootstrap all their marketing automation activities.
@leonardofed thanks. At this point I’ll probably only use email. (I’m a team of one just starting out, so at this point I don't need many integrations) I'll let you know if this changes.