Kumar Abhirup


Full Stack Dev ⚡ I do #JavaScript and #React 👑 Building https://t.co/f5xJf1ytXY 🙌 16 💪 🤝 Discord: https://t.co/OXG3xHb0V8

Hi folks 👋
I'm Kumar Abhirup, 15-year-old indie maker, shipping my first web app ever.

I have had the problem of writing since eternity. All that I wrote never appealed my teachers in school. To build a good habit of writing, I created PaprInk.

Unlike other blogging platforms like Medium, you need no following to be featured on PaprInk. It works the way Product Hunt does, it features posts on everyday basis and the post that gets most upvotes stays on top.

Would love to host budding writers there. :-)

Let "improving writing skill" be your this year resolution 😉
@kumar_abhirup hey abhirup, congratulations on the launch of paperink, i like idea. I am q6 year old developer and founder mailupnext.com . Connect with me for a discussion [email protected] .