James Broad


Lover of business, tech, science, environment, equality & metacognition. CTO @weareoncare.

Hi Betalisters, I'm genuinely stoked to be featured here.

I thought I'd provide a bit of background about why Hiya exists.

I was looking for a simple way to host my professional profile given a phase in my career I was going through. I considered sites like About.me, Linktree, Carrd and Squarespace but nothing quite hit the mark.

I spoke to other developers and found similar discontent so I've continued researching and following lean principles to assess the market for personal websites. So far I feel there's a gap that Hiya addresses with a hosted, branded resume that looks good and easily allows people to connect.

I'm hungry for feedback so would appreciate thoughts on the landing page (proposition, design, copy etc) and for people to kick the tyres on the MVP by completing the invite form at the bottom of the page. If it's scathing feedback, email me directly at [email protected] otherwise reply in the comments here :P