Tom Kiss


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Hello everyone! We are excited to be here on BetaList. We have been testing our app for the past month in a closed group, helping people remember what and why they ate. Feedback has been awesome and the benefits of keeping a food journal truly amazing. By simply looking back at your meal choices, you can learn a ton about your good and bad habits, helping you improve where you need to. As you can probably tell we can't wait to get this app out to more people, so they can enjoy all the benefits. Of course, there are still a few things we need to work out, but most of the core functionality is there. Would love to get your feedback on everything from UX, to wordings, to the overall idea.
We are using Testflight to distribute the app to iOS users. (Android coming later.) So if you sign up, we will try to get the app out to you as soon as possible.
Enjoy and eat well!