Koushik Marka


Agency founder transitioned into an Indiehacker. Currently building @supademohq. Prev: owner at https://t.co/OItwUienmx 🧑🏻‍💻 Nextjs • Node 💚Mountains • Travel

@ShibanBanerjee That's great use case Shiban. But right now, Supademo doesn't have that capability. We are going to launch standalone desktop app soon. 🤞
@koushikmarka No problem. Thanks for your response Koushik. Wish you all the best!
@muygalan Hey Joshua, Sorry for the delayed response. You can embed the guides easily into your desired platforms.

Here's a quick guide of the embed process: https://app.supademo.com/demo/cl2wlm23m322230t1p68s58e44b
@koushikmarka Pardon me. I meant: will we be able to download the documentation and self-host it on our own platforms in lieu of relying on the embed to be hosted on your server? Thanks!
@mresponsively Thanks David. I am glad you are liking Supademo. :)