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@Dartanjan hey, thank you!

> I'm curious what frequency works well – once a week, once in 3 days, daily.

As always it depends. There are many factors that affect the efficiency: the app itself, users and type of questions. If it's project management tool, it won't be a good idea to ask questions every day because people come to work there and don't expect to be disturbed that often. E-commerce sites would want to ask questions as often as possible (once per day is the minimum period). We provide question efficiency metrics so our users could find settings that work the best for them.

Thank you for a great question! We're going to look further into the data and suggest our users optimal period.

> Would be interesting if you had some retention stats as well but I get you've only just started 😀

We don't have retention stats but we bet on analytics a lot, so we're potentially interested to implement it. Could you please tell more about your use case so we can better understand the needs? As you noted we're in early access, but it also means that we're flexible and can quickly introduce features that our users want.

Thank you for trying us out!