A couple of month ago I was working on a chat bot for shared flights — AirrBot. Once I integrated a SkyScanner to watch the cheapest flights, I noticed a bug — the prices differed a lot depending on the user location. As you can guess, it wasn’t a bug. 🤔

To learn more about this feature, I conducted a 🔍 research to see the difference between the service fees in various countries. For example, mytrip.com in the USA and their division in Russia trip.ru take $9.24 vs $-1.32 (yep, negative!) service fee for London to Berlin tickets. All it took was using Google Translate to translate the website content and easily browse the country website. 🇷🇺⬄🇬🇧

I supposed, that the possible reason was in the type of accepted cards. I was sure about that. I added my card to the both sites and got by one ticket on the same flight. Then made a refund. I made sure, that there were no differences or limits depending on the card type. So was it Google Translate magic that helped to save me $10.56? 💳

I was excited and immediately decided to launch a smart flight search platform that mitigates the influence of user location or language. I just needed to replicate the trick. 🔥🤓

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