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Happy to see Codeplace featured! Happy to answer any questions :)
Thanks a lot for the kind words Craig!
@davisonio thanks a lot for the kind words!
@harshpendse Hey Harsh! Not at all taking the wrong way. It's a legitimate question! The development of the course has been made through research of over 20 books, documentaries, journals etc... over a period of 1 year. I have tried to organise and narrow down the most important information to a format students will enjoy and actually learn from it. Understanding bitcoin is extremely subjective to what you want. It's really easy to "understand" how it works as it's really easy to "understand" how programming works. As an iceberg, 98% of its information is beneath the surface. Hope this answers your question! Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like to continue a more elaborate conversation at [email protected]!