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Awesome. I was using Trello for the same task. Love to see how will it be different.
Hello Community,
I am a maker of Chatbot Stacks. Feel free to share your thoughts or to ask questions related to our product. I am open to new suggestions to make Chatbot Stacks more useful.

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Start learning your new programming language with free courses list. If you any questions feel free to ask here.
Hello everyone!

Design Courses serves as the single source of the curated list to find free learning resources for design. We have tried to evaluate different fields of design and find the best free learning resources for all. Often objectives, challenges and tools needed for User Experience, Web Design, Gaming or design for traditional industries like cars etc. are very different. A single source for a diverse range of design learning material would also help beginners and advance designers to explore other areas where their skills can be applied.

This is dedicated to the designer community and anyone who wants to start into the design. 💜

Share your feedback, while we continue to build it. So we welcome you all to have a look at Quick Design resources and share any comments and feedback! 👂
Hello everyone 👋

Maker of coursesity here. Coursesity is a one place to discover all online courses.

Let us know what do you think of Coursesity

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