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I feel like elevated. Never did I expect to get mentioned on betalist; the criteria are so stringent and the competition very tough. Besides this, I am glad to be close to launch this business venture of mine, it took me 3 years of moonlighting to come this far. I hope you enjoy. Please be tough with kartunix, let me know what you like and what could be improved. :-)
Let kartunix know which items you like most for printing or which ones are missing (phone cases maybe?). Be so kind to also inform the collaborating illustrators about your most and least favorite avatar sets, any type that should be there, but isn't?
The site is up and working. :-)
No, as Benjamin stated the url on betalist is wrong. It should be http not https. I already requested a modification.
Check out the "email signature" creator of which we are very proud of. It can be found once an avatar has been created by hovering over the avatar in the gallery, then click "create print" and then select "Virtual item" from the menu bar. You can design your signature, add contact details and links to socials and select of course which of your avatars to display.