Karan Shinde


I'm here to share my learnings about #Sales #Productivity & #SaaS Co-founder @heybaseio

Hey BetaList! 👋 I'm Karan, co-founder of Officexlr.

Officexlr will help your team to build tailor-made business application, without writing a code. Officexlr comes with Drag-and-Drop App builder, so anyone with idea of business logic can build their app visually, faster.

Pick-and-Choose Report builder helps to create quick reports without writing long SQL queries, You can choose the fields you want to see, filter the records, and apply filter and sorting rules.

With Granular permission manager, you can manage access control, so users can access or create only allowed documents and reports with respect to their role.

We love our product, Hope you guys will love too.

Howdy 👋, Betalisters!

I'm Karan, Co-founder at Doubletick.

We built Doubletick - an Email Tracker for Gmail and Google Workspace (G-Suite), which adds the double check-marks ✔️✔️ to your mail if it is read by the recipient (Just like WhatsApp).

Doubletick also notifies the sender with Real-time desktop notification when the email is opened.

Other Features - Link Tracking, Scheduled Email Tracking, Reminders on Unopened Emails.

Watch Video: https://youtu.be/ewja15Rwnls

We are really proud to have built an easy and insanely productive email tracking solution that helped thousands of users and we wish it will help you too. Give Doubletick a shot and give us your valuable feedback!