julien vicente


❤️ new Technology. Looking for seed investment to scale in Florida https://t.co/AXRwNctnpp

Hey guys,
Timber seems very interesting.
Can you tell us how does it differentiate vs MixPanel and co?
When do you intend to launch your Bêta version?
@julien_vicente great question – with Mixpanel you need to specifically choose which data to send, whereas by default Timber will collect *all* of the logs that are generated without any configuration at all.

We are also primarily focused on the backend, and intend to give you unbridled access to your data, which makes things like debugging, monitoring, alerting, graphing, solving customer report issues and much more extremely easy.
Hey Karthik,
We're based in the US, and about to release in North America and Europe, but not in India yet.
Let me know if you guys want some help ;)
@julien_vicente : Sure . Could you keep us posted once the Android version is available in India? All the best for your launch .
On the contrary we are about to make our official release!
If you're on iOS you should already have access to the beta version of the app, with the very basic features.
The app is expected in the next 10 days for Android.
In both cases, we will add great features every two weeks, so stay tuned!