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I'm shocked you guys aren't making it available on apple devices.
yikes, this site needs to get reported asap. Hacks!
Very cool! So, how are you guys different from some of the others like
Guys, it was really easy to set up. I love it so far, however I sent a support request to your team since I can't get it to display yet on my Squarespace site.
@jsiandre Will check out the issue and get it fixed right away! Thanks for the support :)
Love it on my firestick. But, you've got a bug on your manual Mac updates. When I click on Install & Relaunch it just opens up a blank web browser and nothing else happens.
@jsiandre I could be wrong, but I think it's only for Android devices and not Mac.
@OscarsOscars It is also for Mac (although the "for Android Devices" is quite confusing in that regard.