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Graduate from @LSEnews & @Royalholloway .

so if i wanted to go to the gym 3 times a week how will it work for me
@joseph_adee Hi. You can create the habit with specific time settings about when do you want to do this habit (for example, "after sleep time interval", "before work time interval", etc). Based on your day schedules, app will be built day plans and notify you about this habit in appropriate time. Also you can exclude some days of week (for example: "habit working only on Saturday")
@joseph_adee I forgot to add that you can also specify periodicity ("every week") and quantity ("3 times") for this habit
actually a cool idea - so after i've lived streamed a video would it be saved on the app or does it disappear afterwards
Thank so much @joseph_adee ! Every participant in the show will have the full broadcast posted to their profile. Depending on server costs, we may even give each participant access to every contributor stream for post production purposes. Still mulling that over though. Any thoughts on places you would use it?
why do i need to use this when i could just manually privately hide my number
again cool idea - Its a competitive market with chatbots such as Cleo, Plum and apps such as Chip doing something quite similar. What differentiates Vopo from the rest, is it just the fact you can use your voice ?