Jon Pape


Search Marketing and Insights Manager

This seems really slick. Can't wait to try it out. I hate most meeting software and I work at a financial institution with a lot of security so most meeting software doesn't work.
I like the simplicity of the design
I'm using Tinycards (Duolingo) but I will give this a try. I am trying to learn Python and I don't like the limited way I can input questions in Tinycards.
Interesting idea and I am always looking to see how these types of calendars are implemented. I used to create a similar yearly calendar for clients that was an aggregation of Google Trends data focused on US retail trends and events. Seems like a lot of advertisers struggle with lead time and promotional planning. On the homepage, Google is spelled wrong (top right on Google Calendar button).
I am concerned with fraud and invalid traffic from advertisers. I am hoping this lightweight tool can be used to create IP blocklist and reduce fraud.
This looks really cool. I stream DJ stuff and i am always annoyed that I have to pick and choose. I haven't really dug into it but it would be nice if the platform archived the recording. It would lock the user into the platform if live broadcasts were stored in one location and broadcasts could be scheduled and rebroadcast. Maybe those features are already available.
@jonpape We don't have scheduled stream right now. But it's on a roadmap.
Cool idea. I figure they are going to use my email to spam me with other services so I didn't signup to download the slides. Probably would work better as a subscription model. Like "sign up to receive another free template from a different designer next month."
This looks really cool but I am having trouble signing up. I am in the financial services vertical. Is there inputs that would enable users to build a calculator on top of this app that looks like a text block?
@jonpape Hej Jon! Thanks for a good feedback! Yeah, we are aiming to do that. We are currently working on a new features and will release beta next week, if you are interested, please sign up here: and you will get it as first :)
This is a really interesting idea. Sort of like IFTTT for your bank account. Looks like it is primarily targeted for the UK market and I wonder if USA consumers can use it.
@jonpape Thanks Jon! Yes you are right, it's like IFTTT for money! Flow is going to launch in The Netherlands first, then to the rest of Europe. Maybe we go to the US later :)
This is a really interesting idea. I really like the idea of creating a more intimate networking platform. Not sure of the best usage. Might be cool for a virtual trade show.
I really like this app. The interface is super clean and the gamification when you complete your writing really does inspire you to want to write more.

I wish it had some of the Hemmingway app ( features built in to the writing pane.

It would also be cool if there were some project management features built in: "write a screenplay" or "Group this post"

Finally, it would be cool if you could publish directly to Medium.
Just testing this out. The import PDF for LinkedIn didn't work for me. Also, profile images on resumes in the US are a big no no. I like the minimal template but most Americans can only speak one language so it isn't particularly useful section; it would be nice to edit or remove.
Overall, I liked it. I just think it needs a couple tweaks.
@jonpape Thanks for the honest feedback and good to that a profile image is a no no...Oh and It would really help me out if we can connect to find out the issue with the import function.

Removing/Editing sections is a topic I think about every now and then...but haven't found a solution that meets my "standards".
Overall, I liked it. I just think it needs a couple tweaks.
This is really slick. Took 30 seconds to add to my site and I like how the app just focuses on a couple features. Only feedback is the ice cube images for NPS are sort of hard to make out the faces/emotions.
I like the idea but I am really concerned with security with my Google account. I would need more information about security before I would use this application.
This is awesome! I had a lot of fun. The backgrounds look great.
Hey @jonpape thanks for the kind words, really appreciated! Just wait until we add more stuff and some secret features that are in development right now ;)
This is pretty cool. Oculus's venue experience leaves a lot to be desired. I wish there was a creator mode or instructions on customizing your own space. It would be cool to make mazes and other experiences that did not follow Euclidean geometry (like that Superliminal game).