John Datserakis


Software Engineer at @MuniBondLink. Founder of @rsvpkeeper. It's criminal that Parks and Rec only had 7 seasons.

Looks good - I think there's a definite need for apps that connect Marketers to Influencers. I'd definitely watch this space.
@johndatserakis Thanks for the kind words John. That's exactly why created Pohi. The influencer marketing market is expanding quickly and apps like Pohi help navigate the world of influencer marketing.
This looks great and is a much needed service! If it really works well then I can see myself using it for sure.
@johndatserakis You will soon be able to test to confirm that it works well:)
I checked it out on the home page - looks good and I think it's a good idea. Showing users the recent updates and improvements on the site can really make them feel confident in using it - like seeing a shopkeeper smiling behind the counter in a store - it just breeds confidence. Good job.
Good, simple idea that has potential. Will follow.
Interesting idea here by Toggl - I thinks it's smart to show users WHERE their time is being spent, and associating that with real-life activities - because when it's just in a spreadsheet type form it just doesn't resonate the same.
Boardme looks great - seems like you really nailed the design and user need. Will be checking out for sure.
@johndatserakis thank you for those awesome words! Can't wait to show the end product soon!!