John Thomas


I've been using LinkedIn Sales, joined your Beta two weeks ago and it's been great!
For someone who's not creative with the captions. This is gold!
Nice! Might kill OpenPhone and switch to this.
@john_k_thomas Hope NomadPhone can help! Let us know if you have any questions!
@john_k_thomas Hey! The most popular project in Great Britain is the service on this website . Using the site is simple: you just need to enter your phone number in the search box on the main page. After that, a page with a number will open (if it is in the platform database).
Interesting concept! Is the transcription automated or do you have humans behind this. Pricing makes me think it's automated but curious :)
@john_k_thomas It's automated :) We use custom machine learning models to provide transcription at cost. This results in transcriptions that are over 95% accurate at 1/25th the cost (typical human transcription is $1/minute)
@kevins8 is the transcription instantaneous?
@john_k_thomas a few minutes for transcriptions under 30minutes, and up to 30minutes for transcriptions over 30 minutes